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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thoughts on a Wednesday

My post today is a bit scattered so I've just entitled it "Thoughts."

Birthday party update
The birthday party went really well. We had almost 30 people in the house--crazy! Most of those are related too. Miss Rose was classic opening her gifts. Every gift she opened she called out "WOW" in this super excited voice. She got a pair of shoes and gave a "wow" when she took the first one out of the box, and then said "and another one" at the 2nd shoe. As if someone would have given her just one shoe!

I ended up finding a party favor I was pleased with. Target had some cute little kids cups (straw cups for the toddlers, tumblers for the preschoolers and acrylic for the big kids) that were $3 or less. I put some candy in each and that was it! I felt good that it is something useful and not toys that break.

Miss Gracie will be having a family only birthday dinner! She's 1 people...it will be enough!

Smart Girl
Okay, I have to share this story about my smart little 4 yr old. I think she has an almost photographic memory.

We were driving down a local street and passed by a lot with mounds of dirt where they are going to be building a new shopping center.

Her: "Mama, are they building a new Henry's there or something?"
Me: in a surprised voice "Actually yes, they are. How did you know that?"
Her: "Well, I saw a sign."
Me: "How did you know what it said?"
Her: "It was green and white and well, I just know some words."

Oh--like I shouldn't be surprised. She just knows some words?? HA! It's a store we go to often so I guess she's just learned what the sign looks like. It reminded me that probably before she was 2 yrs old, anytime she saw the "Babies R Us" sign (even on the back of the building) she'd say "Elmo" because she always rode in an Elmo car there.

Other thoughts
Why am I stressing over when to plan the 3rd and final child in our family? I realized that I need to focus on the children I have, and not compromise time with them in order to be ready for #3 in my own timing. That baby will come when the time is right.

I love learning! I am a school junkie. I am taking a course this semester and I am just eating it up! When we are getting new info in class, I'm just so excited. I am a nerd. And yes, it's a subject I really enjoy, but I honestly think I would be this way regardless the subject.